Fun Palace: Virtual Reality

Fun Palace

In this course, we used writings, research and historic documents to produce highly detailed, immersive models of significant, unbuilt works of Architecture in Unreal Engine. In creating the Fun Palace, my partner and I sought to portray not only the spatial and architectural qualities of the project, but the subversive, emergent cultural agenda built into the project. This pivotal project by Cedric Price and Joan Littlewood was significant for its suggestion that architecture could be sublimated or repressed into action and event, creating a place where impulses of personal and collective identity could be freely expressed. Using an HTC Vive system, we were able to experience the project in real time, with its kinetic walls, sliding gantry system, art installations and crowds of people, all inhabiting the architecture in their own way.

ARCH 737: Semi-Fictitious Realms

Critic: Chris McAdams

Partner: David Harrop