Party Walls

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A New Type of Housing: Live/Create

A New Type of Housing: Live/Create


In a city whose housing stock could sustain two million, Philadelphia’s residential fabric houses only 1.5 million. In the voids that remain, creative communities thrive, re-appropriating residential space to create DIY hybrids of live work and live/ create configurations. In an age where temporality and connectivity form a new understanding of how urban residential spaces function, Philadelphia is uniquely equipped to imagine new forms of housing that build cultural capital and strengthen creative communities. 

This project seeks to build a bridge between an existing, disenfranchised neighborhood and a new cultural amenity that provides a venue for Philadelphia’s creative economy. Inventive new living conditions provoke the idea of a “live/create” housing typology for makers by providing a scalar gradient of different units adjacent to collective creation spaces. 

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Re-thinking the Rowhouse

Re-thinking the Rowhouse

The preliminary exercise for this project was a re-imagination of the rowhouse footprint. In this proposal, a fattened party wall takes on the utilitarian and circulatory duties of the unit while also providing acoustic isolation. The result is a free section that can take on micro-programs– an optimization of programs that already exist within Philadelphia’s rowhouse fabric. 

DIY hair salons, workshops, recording studios, performance spaces, fitness centers, gardens and many other types of programs could all utilize this new typology to create programmatic differentiation in Philadelphia’s rigorously consistent rowhouse neighborhoods while also fostering grassroots communities of makers. 

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